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When you raise a support ticket with Data Stack, we ask that you prioritize your concern using Google's 4 defined issue priority levels.

P1 - Critical. Your reports are not showing data, or the interface is unavailable to multiple users.

P2 - High. Data collection and reporting are working, but other functions are not. P2 is also used when you have difficulty accessing your account.

P3 - Standard functionality issues.

P4 - Minor issues with your system. Product enhancement or feature requests.

For an Optimize 360 support request, the following information is required, which will enable Data Stack to act quickly:

  • Account ID
  • Container ID
  • Experiment ID
  • URL of the page in question
  • Is this an issue in the visual editor or a runtime problem with a started experiment?
  • How it’s (mis)behaving
  • What the expected behavior is
  • Any relevant screenshots 

We also encourage you to review our Troubleshooting summary, and provide any/all additional information based on that diligence.


Official Google Optimize Community forum

Troubleshooting: How to Share pictures of your Screen

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